Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hi my name bobby one day when high school was done we all load up and went to mexico. There was i weaird guy that wear clown makup all the time.He would all was keep his eyes on this one gril name loulou then one night his comes out of the dark and talkes to her and she went with.The next day she never came back but he did  then he kept his eye on this one gril name lou. She went to the restroom and she didt come back eahtir. These  grils have been missing for two mouthes there mother has been asking me were are my daughter.So i went to his house and were are those grils he just staried at me and laugted he said find them. So i said you had them two last his smile at me.Then he said"look near water maybe you will find them and not.So i do i look for them every day for two weeks no luck.So now they have been  missing for 5 mouthes who knows were they are or if they are alive.Then all of my freainds stay the night at Edgar house.edna,abby,megan and jasmine. Guse what it was there it . I have been looking for those griles for seven mouthes and i am giving and i am calling the cops telling them who had them last. One night i woke up at 3:00 am i thought he was in my bed then the next moring i open my closet and i seen loulou she was died so i  knew that the rest was dead so i called 911 and told them that she here. So then i told her parents and  they took him in. So then he got out the next day so i went to his house while he was gone and i found a map so i took that map and follwed it. It took me to this pond and there was those grils there was caused by gun shot. Lou got shoot  six times in there heart Megan got shoot in foot once then her head.Jasmine was shoot three times in the head and Edna got cut up into eight pices.So finally he got tooken to persion and he got killed in the gas chamber.There funreals were october 20 there mother and there father were  still upsite but not as much aleast they are  safe and sound.It was very sad but thank you for listening to my story.

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